Our team is Growing | Dent Vanish AZ

Hey everybody, Happy Holidays from Dent Vanish AZ. This tends to be one of the slower times for us as a company due to the holidays and colder weather. At Dent Vanish AZ we have been more than blessed to stay busy this season, but more importantly, busy enough to bring on a team.

We take pride in the fact that we are growing. Our customers and fanbase have been incredible and we are humbled by the generosity of our community.

From LNT Dent Repair, back to Dent Vanish AZ, to hiring our first technician, it’s been a whirlwind year.

Ryder 1963 356 Porsche.JPG

Introducing our newest technician to the team: Ryder Piper.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ryder for over 3 years now. We met while taking a walk with my family around our new neighborhood.

Over time we became friends and I began to learn more about his skill set and work ethic.

Ryder has worked on cars since an early age starting as a valet for about a year. Since then he decided to pursue an education at UTI. He graduated from Universal Technical Institute in 2011 and since then he has worked at various Mechanic shops but found a passion in building custom jeeps.

Over the next couple years, we kept Ryder updated with Dent Vanish and let him know that we may be looking to hire soon. With the particular skill set needed to keep the quality standard at Dent Vanish, we had to hire someone with not only technical ability, but a personable, self motivated individual. We found that in Ryder Piper.

After making the decision to pursue training, Ryder officially made the shift into PDR full-time and joined the Dent Vanish AZ team in July of 2018.

In the short months he’s been on the team, Ryder has shown dedication to mastering this craft and is already producing amazing repairs.

We are excited to have another technician on the team and look forward to helping Ryder hone his craft and take his abilities to the next level.

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Lauren Escobar - Office Manager

Lauren is at the heart of operations for Dent Vanish AZ. She oversees our lead nurturing system and stays on top of our customers by following up, answering questions, giving estimates, and scheduling. 

Lauren is also an implementation consultant at RTN.media who specializes in integrating systems that automate tasks, which allows companies to scale. 

Lauren is also my wife, life partner, best friend and mother to our beautiful, almost 7 year old daughter. She has been with me since the inception of Dent Vanish AZ and has stood by through all the ups and downs. 

She began her career as an elementary teacher in the Peoria Unified school district. She taught for 5 years ranging from kindergarten to 3rd grade. During her tenure she was actively involved in mentoring families, various leadership groups and more. After leaving to pursue a job that would allow more freedom and flexibility for her family, Lauren has taken a few different career paths to find out what she really enjoys doing. This has led her to become an Arizona licensed real estate agent, a certified personal property appraiser as well as a certified auctioneer. While she enjoys all these new ventures she has found enjoyment helping grow the family business.

With Ryder and Lauren joining the team, we are positioning Dent Vanish AZ to become the premier Paintless Dent Removal company in Arizona. Our goal is to showcase the benefits of PDR versus other repair methods and hope to change the paradigm when it comes to how people repair their vehicles.